Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

As a Latino homeowner, many of us feel we didn’t get the best deal on our home because during our purchase phase we: do not always speak and understand the English language, we are not savvy negotiators, and usually it is our first home. My neighbor is a pastor and he told us Brother Que’s company was helping him with the church loan and his primary residence. The Pastor knew that my lender took advantage of my lack of English when I purchased my home and he suggested I ask Brother Que if he could help me. Although my English is 85% better now, when I purchased my home, I spoke about 5% English and my loan documents were all in English. I explained this to Brother Que. Brother Que wanted to see my loan documents. In addition, he said if your loan documents are in English and there was not an interpreter at the closing, the loan is predatory and a violation of the Dodd-Frank Act.

Also, my roof was in need of much repair and the lender promised to fix the roof but never did. After reviewing the loan document, Brother Que called my lender and explained that the loan was predatory. The lender said the agent that helped me was deceased and he could help. Brother Que told the lender, regardless of if the agent is living or dead, he was responsible for the agent’s action and if he didn’t give me a new roof and a clear title within 48 hours, he would authorize one of his attorneys to file a lawsuit. Within 48 hours, the lender agreed. He said he talked with his lawyer and Brother Que was correct. Now I have a clear title, (mortgage forgiveness) and the lender told me to find someone to repair my roof as they would pay for it. If you have a problem with your current lender, call 800-UIC- 3076.

Hector, Ocala, Fl