Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

It was a miracle. My husband lost his job as a coach, and we could not pay our mortgage payment. Fortunately, a friend told me about the services Brother Que’s firm offered to homeowners that would pay their mortgage payments. However, before I could contact, Bank of America sold our home via a short sale because we could not make the mortgage payments. Nevertheless, I met with and explained what happened. He ordered my loan documentation to be audited. The loan documentation audit determined the loan was inundated with state and federal lending law violations. (Predatory lending). Bro Que called Bank of America and explained our loan was predatory and if Bank of America did not return full ownership of our home to us within 48 hours, he would authorize one of his attorneys to file a lawsuit on Bank of America. Within 48 hours, the bank returned and lowered our payments. If your mortgage payment is too high or you are facing foreclosure. Call 800-UIC-3076 now.

Mrs. Ruiz, Arizona