Toxic Mold Division

Are  You and/or  Your Family  Living in a  House,  Condo,  Apartment,  or Trailer,  and Breathing in Toxic Mold?

Toxic Mold Victims: If you are a homeowner or a individual renting your residence; breathing in toxic mold can be catastrophic to your health. We have 24/7 Mold Assessors ready to speak to you immediately. In addition, the attorneys we work with are nationwide, and have won millions of dollars for victims of toxic mold. We also have persuaded landlords to let tenants out of their lease early due to toxic mold. Stop risking your health and/or your family’s health any longer, please contact us today!!

Mold Can Cause: • Allergies • Lung & Respiratory diseases • Asthma • Brain damage • Tiredness • Compromise your immune system • Infections of the skin and • Death.

Mold Symptoms: • Coughing • Dry or scaly skin • Itchy eyes, nose, and throat • Stuffy or runny nose • Sneezing • Coughing • Vertigo • Watery eyes and • Trouble breathing.

Please Watch the Videos to Understand the Danger of Black Mold in Your House, Condo, Apartment or Trailer:

These Are Six Common Places Where Toxic Mold Can Be Found In Your House, Condo, Apartment, or Trailer: