Regardless of your race, religious background, age, credit profile, or neighborhood that you live in, we believe you and your family are entitled to the following: ❶ Affordable Mortgage payment and terms. ❷ Compensation for Mortgage fraud. ❸ HAC guarantees compensation in 60 days if you are a victim of state / federal lending law violations. ❹ HAC provides free consultations with one of our Toxic Mold Attorneys as well as immediate compensation if you’re living in a residence inundated with mold.

Call Us If You Need Assistance With The Following:

Compensation for Mortgage Fraud.

Your mortgage payments Reduced.

Immediately stopping foreclosures.

Determining if Toxic Mold is present.

    We guarantee immediate assistance.

Our Live And Bilingual Operators Are Here 24/7 and Waiting To Connect Homeowners To One Of Our Nationwide Mortgage Or Mold Agents.

• If you think you are a victim of mortgage fraud, visit our Mortgage Fraud Victims web page.
• If you think you or your family are suffering from toxic mold,  please call HAC immediately.

For your convenience, our mold agents and loan auditors are available 24/7. We will visit your home or office at the most convenient time for you, except during Sunday AM and PM church services and Wednesday midweek Bible Study hour. The coronavirus is not completely over; therefore, HAC can schedule a Zoom meeting if preferred.

Our clients have access to 1,200 offices in the U.S. and offices in China, Japan, Germany, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and El Salvador. We are in your neighborhood.

“Even the right decision can become the wrong decision if that decision is made too late!”